Cruising: Other Ways of Love, 9 minutes, 2020

The film employs a fictional and experimental narrative, exploring cruising from a mythological and queer perspective. The visuals draw on personal memories and encounters of the artist, extending characters and symbols from the paintings of Anwar Saeed (b. 1955). The music is composed by Zan and includes the voices of Fares, Hassan Tariq, and extracts from a conversation conducted by Abdullah Qureshi in Marseille, France, with queer Muslim friends talking about cruising.

Abdullah Qureshi

Co-produced in collaboration with
Khadeeja Arham, Zainab Zulfiqar, Umair Sajid, and Hadi Rehman

Post-Production Producer
Danai Anagnostou

Director of Photography
Hadi Rehman
Exhibited at:
Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, 2021
Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Turku, 2021
Universität für angewandte Kunst, Vienna, 2021
Paul Mellon Centre’s London, Asia, Art Worlds conference, 2021
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto, 2021
South Asia Institute, Chicago, 2021
SIC Space, Helsinki, 2020

Selected for:
London Rocks Film Festival, London, 2021
Soura Film Festival, Berlin, 2021
Image + Nation Festival, Montreal, 2021
FilmPride Festival, Brighton, 2021
Kaalo.101, Patan, 2021
Les Mains Gauches, Marseille, 2021
CINEMAQ, Shanghai, 2021
Flikkers Queer Film Festival, UK, 2021