Once you thought you knew where you were going, 2023

Installation Views

Nothing Pure, curated by Mark Rohtmaa-Jackson, IMT Gallery, London, 2023. Exhibition also included artworks by: Ana Benlloch, Vilhjálmur Yngvi Hjálmarsson, Belladonna Paloma, Frankie Roberts and Richard Squires.

Photographs courtesy: Peter Otto.

Lockdown Lovers, 2022

Installation Views

Tracing Fragments, curated by Daría Sól Andrews, Gerðarsafn Art Museum, Reykjavík, 2023. Exhibition also included artworks by Kathy Clark, Sasha Huber, Frida Orupabo, Hugo Llanes, and Inuuteq Storch.

Qasim and Ibrahim, 2021

The Heat in Lahore, 2020 — 2021

Installation Views

Loop, Experimental Studio, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2023. Exhibition also included artworks by Madelaine Culver, Blue Mountain Arcturus, Charles Danby, Kate Liston, Rosie Morris, Neuschloss, Ginny Reed, Corin Sworn, Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan. Photographs courtesy: Mark Duffy.

Installation Views

Open Encounters, curated by Benjamin Merten and Simon Melchers, ARTCO Gallery, Berlin, 2022. Exhibition included artworks by Tasnim Bagdadi, Sara Khan, Syowia Kyambi, Natasha Jozi, and Gloria Zein.

Photographs courtesy: Daniele Ansidei, 2022.

Caught in the Bush, 2018

Darkrooms: Retracing childhood memories, 2018

Installation Views

Solo exhibition: Darkrooms: retracing childhood memories, Third Space, Helsinki, 2018

The story of myself and some friends in these fragments of daily loves, 2016 — 2017

Installation Views

Group Exhibition: The Third Muslim: Queer and Trans* Muslim Narratives of Resistance & Resilience, co-curated by Yas Ahmed and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, 2019

Photographs courtesy: Chani Bockwinkel, 2019

Solo exhibition: The story of myself and some friends in these fragments of daily loves, Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery, National College of Arts, Lahore, 2017

Cruising Alaçati, 2016

Installation Views

Solo exhibition: Untitled, Canvas Gallery, Karachi, 2016

Dialogue: Abstraction, 2014

Void, 2014

Wandering Forms, 2013

Installation Views

Solo exhibition: Wandering Forms, curated by Aasim Akhtar, Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore Arts Council, Lahore, 2013
Photographs courtesy: Hassan Sheikh, 2013

Abstract Landscapes: Painting Model Town, 2011

Painted Photographs, 2011

Boundaries of Painting, 2010

Installation view: BA Fine Art Degree Show 2010, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, UK.
Photographs courtesy: Alexander Blackman, 2010