“I AM AFRAID OF THE AIDS” is a web-gallery curated for Visual AIDS. When approaching the database, I intended to honor the history and memory of BIPOC artists who died of HIV / AIDS-related complications, recognizing their place in the movement. Furthermore, given that the conversation on HIV / AIDS is ongoing and current, I also included artists living with HIV and a community project from South Africa. The latter also demonstrates the importance of addressing HIV / AIDS from a global perspective, particularly taking into account non-Western contexts.

When selecting the artists, I also noticed gaps in the archive, particularly around the representation of and information on BIPOC women, trans, and non-binary artists. Hence, it is important to note that this web gallery is, by no means, a definitive survey of BIPOC artists who died with HIV / AIDS-related complications or are living with HIV / AIDS. Instead, I hope this presentation becomes an invitation to expand BIPOC perspectives on the subject further while working toward a world where no one has to be afraid of "the AIDS."
Virtual exhibition: visualaids.org/gallery/i-am-afraid-of-the-aids

Rotimi Fani-Kayode
Reza Abdoh
Affrekka Jefferson 
Sunil Gupta
Tatiana Mazur
Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad
Keiskamma Art Project