Journey to the CharBagh, 17 minutes, 2019

Drawing upon Sufi traditions of interpreting Islamic sacred texts that celebrate love and equality, Journey to the CharBagh is a poetic and experimental exploration of queerness from a Muslim perspective. The narrative focuses on the figure of the Buraq, a winged mythological creature with the ability to travel to heaven, encountering terrestrial and celestial beings, moving toward a spiritual and queer awakening.

Abdullah Qureshi

Danai Anagnostou

Directors of Photography
Hadi Rehman (Pakistan)
Kerttu Hakkarainen (Finland)
Exhibited at:
Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, 2021 and 2020
Karachi House, Karachi, 2020
The Colony, Lahore, 2020

Screened at:
Transart Institute, Berlin, 2020
Fabrica De Arte Cubano, Havana, 2019
Ateneum Art Museum, 2019

Selected for:
Divvy Film Festival, Lahore, 2021
Soura Film Festival, Berlin, 2021
Palace Film Festival, Bristol, 2021
Xposed International Queer Film Festival, Berlin, 2021
Toronto Queer Film Festival, Toronto, 2021
Video Art Festival, Turku, 2020
Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival, Oslo, 2020
Today Is Our Tomorrow festival, Helsinki, 2019