Making Gender: LGBTIQ2S+ Studio, 2021 - 2022

Over 12 weeks, the Making Gender: LGBTIQ2S+ Studio, a course at OCAD University, Toronto, takes a studio-based approach to look at LGBTIQ2S+ histories, cultures, and subcultures within the context of contemporary art and critical theory. With a particular focus on BIPOC creative practitioners, the students explore the groundbreaking, experimental, and radical strategies that have informed queer art-making. Responding to the course material, the students work toward their individual projects.

Virtual exhibition:

Course led by: Abdullah Qureshi (Winter 2021 & 2022)
Exhibition organising team: Zain Bhanapatel and Andy Chitty

Artists: Grace Bell, Zain Bhanapatel, Tyler Burey, Enzo Chen, Andy Chitty, Alison Clark, Amaaya Dasgupta, Caylen Dort, Yoon Han, Bisma Jay, Yasmine Irani, David King, Lake Kos, Brynn Murphy, Jessica Nummi, Madison Pound, Menelik Powell, Emerald Repard-Denniston, Vanessa Sanginiti, Madelyn Schutz, Ashley Waithe, and Chupei Yu.

Supported by: The Faculty of Art Office, OCAD University and organised in collaboration with the Centre for Feminist Research, York University.